March Makes

I made these coasters /Trivets. ,

Coastertrivetall three

The pattern is a concoction of something I’ve made before , the border just seemed to flow out  through the hook  and then I happened a see one of the coasters I made before and realized it was the same edging with a small modification.

Closeup2 trivetcoaster

This was a stash buster and a using up scrap yarn  project. The cotton linen yarn is from the project I talked about here and

the brown yarn ,is DMC Senso, left over from this project


Inspired by all the  Crochetmoodblanket 2014, I saw on Facebook, I  pulled out my 2012 WIP and have started working on it. Mine is not a mood blanket. I’ve managed to add five little squares to the blanket today.


My brain had got a little rusty about details like which hook I used for it, a how many starting chain for the granny square, how many chains between the DCsand which method of join as you go I used…but its going on fine now.



I started knitting the Sweert as Honey Blanket for my brother and Sil’s soon to be born baby.

Sweet as honey wip

Like I was saying before, I did about six rows of white and have started the lilac again.

Being a slow knitter, the blanket is not growing as fast as I would like. Still, I’m super excited about this project as it is my very first knitted baby blanket.

I have now memorized the pattern.The Caron One pounds working a soft , warm fabric . I’m sure it will keep the baby all warm and cozy , wrapped in it.


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