As Sweet As Honey

Done and out jpg

The  brother and Sil announced that their baby no 2 is also going to be a boy. After having three boys in the family, we were waiting with baited breath for them to announce ,they were going to have a baby girl. Surely there needed to be a balance in this  high energy all boy household.

When they did announce that they were having a boy, all that the Silly aunt could think of was, what was she going to do with the lilac blanket that she was almost done knitting , anticipating a little girl.

As sweetas honey baby blanket jpg

The Brother and Sil, being the good sports that they are, happily asked her to send it anyway! “We’ll get away with it as long as we can, the baby was not going to know what color blanket he was wrapped in” they joked.But have promised to point in her direction ,should he decide to sue them for therapy.

True to style, the grandparents can’t really understand the fuss about the colors.

In all honesty, small town that I am , did not know of the gender colors until I had Lil B and happily dressed Big B in colors that I liked. My brother and I wore all the colors of the rainbow too, when we were younger.Then the brother moved to the US of A, and started wearing grey and such boring colors 


Anyways, the boys are super excited, there is going to be one more boy in the family.They high- fived and declared, they have one more hand to gang up against me! Ha! Really?!! Why?!!

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