Piece of the past

Staying temporarily at your mother’s place means finding long forgotten treasures , pictures and books.

The other day, I caught a glimpse of a very much loved book from my childhood and was washed over with nostalgic memories.

Mummy patty,my maternal grandmother, was a great story teller.She told us stories everyday when we were little, after dinner time.


I  can just close my eyes, and  the little scene,  stamped so vividly in my mind comes alive like it happened yesterday!

My two little cousins, my brother  and  I sitting around her in small chairs in a semi circle, while she sat on her bed.

We sat there mesmerized, eyes glued to her face, as she transported us to a whole new world of Elves and dwarfs,of cyclops , Ulysses,Medusa, Hercules, Snowwhite, Cinderalla, 

Rapunzel,the Ugly Duckling, the humble homes of Hansel 

and Gretel and the Shoemaker… weaving magic with her words.

I recall being fascinated by the story of the shoemaker and the shoemaking elves. … the tiny clothes they were presented with , wondering why they did not return after that


 …  I used mull over where they lived, how their homes looked and so on.

Story time with patty is one of my favorite childhood memories and the Shoe maker and the elves was my favorite fairytale.

Mybookhouse in the nursery

As I turned the pages of this very old book, careful not to crumble the already crumbling pages, I realized that it was she who first kindled in us , my brother and I the desire to read…. I recollect being thrilled to discover that the stories she told us and the poems she taught us…  were all in this book!

And perhaps the love of shoes in me too.Because every time I looked at beautiful shoes,  I imagined in my eight year old mind that shoemaking elves made them!

Did you have a favorite fairy tale growing up? Did someone read to you or tell you stories? Do you remember who inspired in you the love of books? Please do share.Pi

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