Things to do in Changi airport when in transit

I was talking to friends the other day about all the things we did in Changai Airport in Singapore and they didnot know there were so many things to do while on a long Transit layover.

So I thought I’ll put it out there.

First things first  ,make a beeline to the info desk, get your wifi passwords so that you can stay connected family back home

Our next flight was from Terminal 3 in the evening so we took the train to Terminal 3

At Terminal 3, on the way to the Food Court, we took picture in the photo booth. You can have this photo emailed to you .

We wanted to have a keep sake and we had it emailed to us.

Next, we hopped on to one of the foot massage chair and got a nice long massage. O yes, our  feet were definetly thankful for the treat and kept us energised for the rest of the long trip.

After all the leg muscles were relaxed , we wanted to grab something to eat. Feeling adventurous, We headed to the Singapore Street food  to try some food there.

Here, you pay first and get a card , that you use in all the street food shops.They even have a cash refund on the money remaining in your card ,in case you want to try something else.

For little ones who only like their Burger, there is a Burger King too there.But the payment here is only cash.

Their Bacon burger is tops and you should definetly try it if you get a chance.

Now with full bellies and happy hearts, we went on to check out the Butterfly Garden in Terminal 3

Beautifully set amidst a wide variety of flowering plants , the butterfly garden is truly enchanting.

The lovely little waterfall in the butterfly garden creates a tropical forest ambience

Visitors also get a peek into the life cycle of a butterfly.

Next stop was to be the Koi Pond

It is said that watching fish swim calms the mind as well

It might well be true  ,because it definetly is refreshing to look at these beautiful fish gracefully glide in the water .

Children have a fully padded and safe play area ,so While I relaxed

nearby charging my phone, Lil B played and made some friends with fellow travellers.

Really tired and in need of some shut eye we went on to take a nap at the Snooze Lounge but before that we decided to get a full body message at one of the massage chairs.Heavenly! I slept  right there on the chair !!!

There is a Movie Theatre  which we didn’t do because the movies didn’t interest us .

There is also a two hour tour around Singapore.

(We did the Free Tour when we were returning from Auckland last year and enjoyed it very much)

All these facilities are absolutely free and before you know it , time just whizzes past .

Just make sure you have your belongings safe , have a big meal before you board the flight ( it works for our family)and don’t miss the flight !

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