New Zealand Take 2

September 18 th We are in New Zealand back again

This time in ChristChurch. Feels like a dream.

It’s a lovely sunny day although very cold for me . The cherry blossom stalks are from my yard . I cut a few stalks to pretty up the living room.

It’s nice that everything here in Christchurch is just a short drive away.IMG_6542.jpg

We went to a harbour called Lyttelton. Breathtaking as most of the scenery in NZ are!

the boys are in school


We found an Indian store and shopped for Indian groceries

I like the church we went to.IMG_6641.jpg

We got invited to lunch and dinner on the same day on Sunday 

Some people might think this is too much but I do find changes hard to accept .

Soon after I landed…

I felt completely disoriented. Couldn’t understand the directions, even at home!! I felt crazy and helpless.

After a week in NZ

I Slept through the night for the first time.

And things are looking up.

Most of the people we met were lovely and warm.

We have a fire place .our friend came

and showed us how to get the fire started.

I love working on my crochet sitting near the fire place

Boy,Is it cold or what!


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