Riccarton Farmers Market

Markets are always fun places to visit .

I remember as a little girl tagging along with Packiam ,our maid, who  helped raise us, to the open air fish market . 

First ,she would take a walk around the market, browsing all the fishes and vegetables on display.I would watch on in awe as she bantered with the vendors , their faces would soften and break out into a wide grin, revealing their betel stained teeth as they spied me standing beside her. She would then pick out the fish and vegetables our family was to have that day, keeping in mind the instructions from my grand mother.

Later on I happily joined my uncle and cousin and more often with my dad when he went to get our weekly vegetables.

Soo…. When I heard of the Riccarton Farmers Market held every Saturday from 9am -1pm at the Riccarton Park, I had to visit it.

The market,  set on the picturesque banks of the Avon river with ducks swimming by on one side ,

,green grass lush and inviting  people to sit and enjoy a picnic with  family….on the banks …watching the ducks chasing each other and wee ducklings walking about knowing no fear.

 the historic Riccarton House on the other side

and  the stalls lined neatly in between … with an array of fresh produce ,…..

the aroma of freshly baked bread 

 cooked food  wafting by ,

….  live music buzzing in the background, making people spring up to their feet and shake a leg or two!

….. kick up the energy and quaint setting of the market and make it a charming way to spend a lovely sunny day!

 We tried the Chicken Teriyaki ,loved it!Big B tried out the Hungarian sausage and Sauerkraut and enjoyed it

J and I tried the Japanese savoury pancakes and crispy chicken with trepidation but ended up enjoying it as well.




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