Strawberry Fare

J got a voucher to Strawberry Fare for his birthday

We were not very familiar with the dishes on the menu ,when we checked out their website.  The Dessert Menu looked very appealing , however. So we decided to go there for just desserts.

When we went ahead to book our table , we were informed that they didnot take bookings for desserts and asked us to just show up.

We were greeted warmly ,when we showed up  later that evening,   by the waitress and asked to wait by the bar while our tables were prepared.It didn’t take very long.

The place was full, the decor very minimal

I ordered their The Ultimate Chocolate Dessert. … It’s a chocoholic ‘s dream come true!!

There was a chocolate fudge brownie, chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream, chocolate pate with cream strawberry and raspberry sauce_ I was in chocolate heaven _each flavor of chocolate different from the other but perfectly complimenting one another.

In the plate ,my favourite were the chocolate fudge and ice cream . It was quite a big serving but I finished it . It was to die for!

J ordered Lemon Chocolate Cheesecake and liked it very much.

Lil B ordered Strawberry Pillows and enjoyed very much too. Again too big for him . Next time we will go Dutch I think.

Big B didn’t want to come  and I felt sad that he missed out. There is always a next time.

All in all we loved it. And can’t wait to go another time . We might even get brave and try their other dishes.

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