Summer Holiday Travel :The Beginning

As soon as the summer holidays rolled around, the children were itching to travel and we decided that Nelson was going to be our Mini vacation Destination.Using google, we decided to stay in

Bethany Christian Park  in Keriteriteri and it seemed like a great place to stay even though it was not in Nelson.After a few emails back and forth, our stay there was confirmed.

J thought it would be a good idea to take Lewis Pass route  on the way  to the camp…

We started on our trip,late afternoon after J came back from work.It was a lovely sunny afternoon with blue skies, the route  scenic and beautiful ,with some of our favourite songs on our playlist  _that  had been carefully put together for the trip_playing in the background, it was a very enjoyable ride. We wanted to get to the camping park before sunset but we couldn’t stop ourselves at every little turn to snap a few pictures.

For the first time, I experienced the heady scent of the wild flowers! The Scent filled the air. I stood there letting the gentle breeze tickle my cheeks inhaling the freshness  in the air

Beech trees

The boys were both asleep by now.IMG_0706 J and I took a break near this river

 mail boxes  in the middle of nowhere.

Breathtaking view ,this  picture does not  do even a shade of justice to that !


By the time we reached Bethany Park, it was quite late and we were all ready to crash! After a quick registration by a very friendly manager, we were happy to have comfy beds to sleep on in our  heated cabin at Bethany Christian Park in Keitaritari.

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