Takaka took us completely by surprise!We were not expecting a little colorful Indie artist/hippy/boho town when we first saw the  road sign . Even  when a fellow traveller told us at Hawke’s Lookout about Salmon fishing at Takaka, and that we should check it out,we did not have a clue that we would greeted with so much vibrant colours in a little town.DSC_8614DSC_8615

My kids thought that the town had my name written all over it. “Mom ,you should try convince dada to live here ,rather than in Motueka , your inner hippy /boho self will be very happy here “they joked .



The reason why Takaka will remain etched in our memories for a long time , however ,is very different.

We were hungry and were in a dilemma trying to choose a place to have a quick snack. That is when The Dangerous Kitchen caught our eyes.


To be honest ,we were a little skeptical about going in to dine at first, we kept going back and forth but then got brave and decided to go anyway. Boy!Were we glad we did!


I thought these wall art  there were cute and funny

DSC_8627The grilled chicken with cranberry and Brie pizza we had here ,was just so amazing that we haven’t stopped talking about it!IMG_0838.jpg


Its always  all about food ,for our family.

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