Kaikoura, Picton

We decided to take the Kaikora route  in the hopes of seeing the seal colony. We drove past  the Pelorus River so beautiful

J took a detour and decided to drive around Picton . Picton is the main link between South and North Island we had heard.



However , at the first mention of Picton , you might not hear that ,from us or the boys. What you would hear is…” Have you been to Billy’s Burger in Picton? oh, you must go there, they have delicious burgers there!” I’m not joking.

 Someone actually asked us , ‘so what did you do in Picton’? and one of my boys , piped “Ate some really good burgers at Billy ‘s Burger, and they have some good milkshakes with some funny names too”

Incase you didn’t figure it out yet… our family’s love for food is very well and throughly documented now!

  At one point we thought we missed the Seal Colony when J spotted one on a rock… we stood there for a while and looked at them wondering if we would see more.As we drove further down the road, we were rewarded with the sight of perhaps the largest Seal colony ever!

 so many seals ! So exciting!We just stood there for a long time watching them in the drizzling rain, taking pictures,putting up with stench coming from these animals obviously

There’s something about seeing animals in their natural habitat, don’t you think?

If you were to ask me , I would say seeing these  Seals frolicking around was the highlight of my trip.IMG_0912IMG_0904

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