Everytime I heard  people say they love Autumn , I’ve always wondered why?

Why would people like cold damp and muggy weather?!

My first ever autumn was in Auckland . At that time,it rained a lot there.we were pretty stressed out and I failed to truly enjoy the colours ,that were around me, I’m sure.

Then we came to Christchurch,towards the end of Spring.The first couple of weeks proved too cold for me. And that was my gauge of how Autumn and Winter were going to be.

Summer was wonderful! I loved the sun , the beach in Kaiteriteri , our mini vacation . Of course there was a bit of rain and gloomy weather now and then and I was ok with that. I could handle that.

I realized that Autumn had slowly creept in ,when I saw the  leaves slowly changing  colour. When the strong gusts came in. I sank into ‘the woe is me .I can’t  handle the cold’ mode.

Then some wonderful friends told me about wearing merino layers and down jackets. I got a few of those and was super excited to be warm and toasty inspite of the cold.

Once that was out of the way, I started enjoying the weather. I started noticing the colours and the beauty around me.

Now I just can’t get enough of these gorgeous shades of golden yellow ,orange green and brown..Of the leaves falling down like the tick of the clock..

the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets

and natures bounty in the harvest of peaches and apples in our garden.

.. I’m sure if our children were with us and saw us deliberately walking on and crunching the fallen autumn leaves, they would have rolled their eyes, and walked at a far off distance should anyone wrongly think they were related to the two adults who were acting like little kids.

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