New York Scarf

This scarf was a quick finish.Even after frogging it twice to suit  J’s specifications.

As much as I enjoy the process of making something, being able to use a finished object takes the excitement up a notch.

I made this scarf for J encouraged by the fact that he now constantly wears the skinny scarf I knit for him when we were in Auckland. (I can’t remember if he wore it then.)

I have knit a few scarves for him here and there, but he hardly wears them. This one he does .

Having become the yarn snob after coming to Christchurch and discovering all the Merino, Romney, Silk and Possum blend yarn available here, I decided that he had to have a soft merino scarf hugging his neck as he religiously goes out to work ,rain or shine, freezing or not

Rosewood Wool have just introduced their Lux line of yarns which is a 15%possum 85%merino blend yarn. I snapped up their very first yarn to go on flash sale on Instagram, just for this.

The colour is called Storybook….the colour is hard to capture on camera .Trust me, its a gorgeous colour and most importantly,J approves.

This is the closest colour…

I started the scarf as soon as the yarn arrived….. oh so soft.

I knit back and forth mindlessly… thinking about how its going to keep him warm wrapped around his neck and hope that he knows how much we appreciate all that he does for us.

Project Details :

Pattern : New York Scarf-A Guy’s Woolie Warmer

Needles : 4.5 mm addi circulars

Yarn : Rosewood Wool Lux in the colour way Storybook

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