The Tannery

The thing I like about Winter here in Christchurch is that while we have cold cold days, we also have warm sunshiny days.

When those sunshiny warm day happens to be a Saturday ,it is a bonus . When a certain surly teen that lives around these parts, wants to join in  with you , without much prodding , then you can be assured that all your stars have aligned ,the angels are watching out for you and it’s going to be a beautiful day !

We decided that our weekend exploring was going to include The Tannery.

 One naive small town , thought it was a really a tannery, you know, where animal hides are tanned. Seeing that she was really worried, that a beautiful city would have a highly polluting place smack right in the middle of the population,  and refused to go with him there,her worldly wise hubby decided  explained to her  that the 1878 historic tannery is actually a must see restored boutique shopping mall . And took her there .

You can check out the story  of how the Tannery came about here

 Even though she wasn’t too impressed by the antique looking exterior,

Her jaw hit the beautifully tiled floor when she saw the interior

 the beautifully lined fancy stores

 and glass ceiling with all the beautiful details

We walked in and out of stores enjoying the quirky mix of art and flowers , books , food and fashion stores.

The Boys decided to grab a bite at She Universe and tried their truffle

and Mango sorbet… the best we have ever tasted! The mango tastes like real mango with out the strange preserved mango taste that usually is found in mango dishes 

We got chatting with MR B, the co owner of She .He told us he loved India and often travelled to Kerala.They even gave us  vouchers to use at their shop at our next visit. 

Across the ample car parking, there were fabric stores …

and then, this wheel caught my eye.  I had to check out the place. Turns out the yarn , fibre and spinning guild of Christchurch is situated here!

I met the lovely ladies there . They kindly invited me to come to one of their meetings. One lovely lady showed me how she spun and another one showed me some of the fleece she had.

They also gave me a piece of fleece to take with me. *please ignore the chipped nail polish* That nail colour was Big B’s gift for my birthday.

I must go one of these days…Actually I’m getting curious about spinning and oh weaving too. Learning to spinning and weaving is on my bucket list , people.

Btw, how cute is this she?!

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