Addi Swing Hook _ Review

When I first saw the Addi swing hook on the Needles and Yarn , Kuwait,Instagram feed , I had neither heard about them nor seen them before that. I asked J to pick up one for me  only  because I was attracted two tone colourful wide handles.

I first got the 3.25 hook as that was the size I used often. I didn’t use it much back then, as I was so used to the Susan Bates hooks.

I did not start using them actively until the pain in my arm developed.

On holding them for the first time, I did feel a little awkward.I hold the hooks in the pencil grip and they seemed a little too big for my small hands at first. Like I mentioned already,I have always used Susan Bates alumnium hooks.However, I quickly got used to it and I’m happy to report that I’m enjoying crocheting with them very much. My fingers did not ache or cramp after using it for a long time

The wide handle reminds me of a  toothbrush .The soft rubber like handle gives me a  nice and comfortable grip..

So let me tell you the pros and cons of this Ergonomic hook .


  1. The hook comes neatly packaged in a semi plastic box  which also doubles up as a nice hook case with the sizing of the hook prominently displayed.
  2. The heart addi logo printed on them are  cute
  3. All the hooks are colour coded with their metric sizes printed on them for easy usage
  4. The soft rubber like handle has a slight flexibility  which makes it easy to hold in the palm
  5. The highly polished hook , makes for a snag free ,smooth crocheting experience.( the metal is the same as the addi knitting needles)


  1. It might  feel a little heavy for some people initially
  2. They are on the pricer side .It cost me 3.5 K.D
  3. Not very hardy handle, as the place where the white plastic joins the coloured rubber like material, could snap ( It happened with one of my hooks and I couldn’t figure out how that happened. I superglued it and use it with much care. It could be a one off incident but thought I will throw it out there )
  4. The shaft of the hook is slightly short for my liking    

For me personally , I love this hook and have been able to crochet for long hours with them.Its the only hook I use now.

my hook grip

I wanted to add more to my collection . A quick Google search lead to me to 

They have all the bigger sizes and smaller sizes

Lynda of Crochet Australia  has offered a discount for readers of this blog .

When you spend under $50, you will get a $5 DISCOUNT, when you use the code PEARCA0915

When you spend over $50, you will get a $10 DISCOUNT,when you use the code PEARCA0950

These codes are valid until the end of September for your first purchase of anything from their website.

 I was not financially compensated in anyway either to give a favourable review for the hook or for giving a discount code for the shop here.

All opinions expressed here are my own, based on my experiences.

I got this discount for my readers only because I wanted to give my readers a chance to try out the hooks, of course you can buy anything else with the codes if you like.

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