Missoni Inspired Scarf

One thing that has been rubbing my colour loving brain the wrong way ,is the lack of colour around me.Give me the blinding neon red orange with  copper sulphate blue flower lungis and sarees please,I miss them in this sea of muted shades, blacks and greys.

This must be the reason I find myself  drawn to bright colours ,unconsciously.

Ironically, I preferred lighter colours much to my mom’s angst, When I lived in India with her.”Choose bright colours please”, she would nudge me and I’d stubbornly pick a cream or beige saree.

My brother and I rolled with laughter at those very red orange with copper sulphate blue flowers lungi, we spotted people sporting. Little did I know, it was all going to come and bite me in the back, with me longing to see those exact colours around me!! Funny , no?

Winter projects are coming off my needles one after the other. I may not need it now, as Spring has given us some glorious warm sunshiny days… still its good to have them handy.

I prefer cowls to scarves because of how fuss free they are around the neck. You don’t have to keep adjusting them. They keep the neck warm and they are quick knits. Makes one feel like a very competent knitter, you know. Churning out FOs in half the time it would take to knit a shawl or a scarf even.

The pattern , the yarn and the needles are all same as this cowl, just the placement of the chevron is Missoni inspired .

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