Cover Me

Along with doing spring break -y stuff, trying to keep Lil B from playing on his computer  all day long,following his Big B’s example,I am up to my neck, buried deep in yarn. Why? do you wonder?

Have you heard about the Spice of Life CAL? if not, then go check the deets on Sandra’s blog  Cherry Heart

I chanced upon news of the CAL on instagram. Intrigued by the name , decided to check it out and ended up joining it.

Seemed to be perfect timing. Lil B has been asking me to make him a blanket. I had several odd balls of yarn lying around. So I thought I would make him a blanket from those.

Three rows into the blanket, the fussy little man decided he wanted only wood colours. Colours he had already picked out from my stash and said that I could keep the colourful blanket.

He has already rejected two other patterns after I was a few rows into the pattern before. With this  he is quite pleased.

The Spice of Life pattern is very easy, quick and enjoyable pattern. Score.

Big B saw me working on the blankets and gently asked “who is it  for” , when I replied that it was for  Lil B, all I got was a soft “oh ok”. Which just melted my heart and I decided to make another one for him.

So now I ‘m making three blankets in the same pattern but different colours ,all from my stash.

Starting on the third blanket  might seem like I’m on the verge of crossing the crazy line, but the colour changes and  different stitch patterns have kept  me from getting bored.

Plus the pattern being a CAL ,gives me enough time to work on the pattern and wait eagerly for the next batch keeping up the suspense element. Not just that , it is  also helping me use up all the acrylic yarn from my stash, so that I can turn into a complete yarn snob in future 😛

Now that the part four of the CAL is out, I’m slightly behind with the third blanket entering the picture. Will keep you updated with the progress .

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