Charm pack Table Runner

Charm packs are the best things ! They take the stress of finding coordinating fabric, of cutting the fabric.Specially for people who dilly dally over the fabric cutting part … it is a wonderful wonderful thing

Some time back, I picked up a Riley Blake charm pack at a quaint little quilt store called Forget me knots here.

Then I went to a quilting 101 workshop. Sometimes, I like to go to workshops of crafts I  already have an idea about,because somehow that craft  hasn’t made complete sense to me. I mean, I always learn something new at every workshop .Its like the piece of a puzzle that fits and makes me understand the whole picture.

For this project, I simply stitched the squares together.

I was not happy with the finished squares.Then Lincraft had a sale and went to check out fabrics there.I love polka dots and suddenly clicked that it would be a good backing fabric for my runner.It was super cheap

Initially ,I was going to place the right sides together ,  with the batting on the outside and stitch around the edges, and turn inside out and make the runner without a binding.

As I was going to cut the fabric for the backing, I remembered reading somewhere about  self blinding quilts . So  decided to leave  an inch of seam allowance around the fabric and try to do the self binding edge for this runner.  I simply folded the raw edges twice . For the corners, I folded to get a mitred corner. Pinned in place and stitched all around. Thats all!.

I  drew lines and quilted over them AFTER I finished stitching the binding. And the lesson I took away from this project is to quilt BEFORE stitching the binding. Still, I love it.

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