e31f9-picmonkey2bcollageChristmas time always takes me on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Times of watching my grandmother dye coconut fibre green and make a Christmas tree. Decorating the tree with  her glass bobbles  with many instructions not to break those delicate beauties, as my brother and I  vied with each other to hang them on the tree.

Expectantly  waiting on the verandah for  cousins coming home  for holidays, with my uncles and aunts.

Caroling around town with our school choir, gathering at my mom’s ancestral paternal home for the annual Christmas Eve party. Sometimes singing carols off key  for our grandparents   only to be cheered on to sing some more.
Waking up early on Christmas morning to go attend church, wearing  our new clothes; the scent of jasmine ,the sound of laughter, music ,the chill foggy December air,  the soft  Christmas lights all lending a magical aura to the whole season.
It made me very happy that here in Christchurch ,we were able to enjoy a little bit of the many past Christmases , singing carols  at rest home,our church and listening to Christmas Music all day long on the Radio.
I’m  particularly  delighted to slow down, this time of the year specially , to make time for others and enjoy the spirit of the season.  Schools closing out for the year and Summer – its just the  perfect timing .
Lil B’s school gave us a big surprise , the last day of school by sending us a big box filled to the brim with groceries and a cook book.
Our Christmas tree went up finally. Lil B painstakingly set up the tree, hung the lights decorated it with a lot of handmade ornaments .The cosy  glow of the tree lights ,the lazy relaxed pace that has taken over our home, makes me realise that my boys are making some memories that they will carry into their adulthood just like I have from childhood..
This  snowflake pattern is my  Christmas gift to you all.
Day Star Snowflake  Pattern
Skill Level: Easy
Anchor Metallic Cotton Thread.
Hook:  1.75 mm (addi)
This pattern is written in American Terms



Sc= Single Crochet
Hdc = half double crochet Dc= Double Crochet

2dc bobble =2dc bo

 {For a 2 double crochet Bobble stitch, do each double crochet without completing the the last step in the same stitch 
(you would have 1 loops after the first dc, 1loop on the hook after the  second dc.Then yarn over and draw through all the loops. That is the Bobble stitch.

For starting bobble, start with 3ch which counts as first dc}
Picot= 3ch ,insert hook in the third chain from hook, yarn over , draw through the stitch. For a bigger picot, 4ch 
Round 1:
Start with magic ring , make the starting  2dc bobble,into the magic ring ,( 3 ch,2dc bobble 3ch) , repeat five more times. Join in the top of the starting bobble  (6 (2dc bobble, 3 ch ) )
Close the magic ring by pulling the thread.
Round 2:
Sl st into the 3 ch space. In the 3 Ch space, make*( 1 sc, 1 hdc, 1dc, 3 ch, 1 dc, 1 hdc, 1 sc)* all in the 3 ch space. Repeat * to * in the next 3 ch space  and around. Join with Sl st in the beginning sc.
Round 3:
Ch 1, sc in the same space. 3 ch,* (sc in the next 3 ch space, 1 ch, 1 small picot, 1 large picot, 1 small picot, 1 ch, sc) *in the same 3 ch space.
3 ch, sc in between the 2 sc of the previous row, 3 ch, sc in the same space.
3 ch, sc in the next 3 ch space. Repeat * to * around.
at  the last repeat, sc, 3ch, sl st into the beginning sc.
To Finish , saturate the snowflake in starch, stretch and pin. When dry, attach a ribbon and enjoy!
As usual, if you find any mistake please feel free to let me know. If something does not make sense, please  feel free to ask . I will try my best to answer.


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