Colour Story Baby Blanket

Finished my  first project for 2016

I have been keen to use NZ yarns for my handmade since discovering the wide range of NZ yarns available. I’m all for supporting Local .

The  Colour Story Baby Blanket came as a kit from The Woven Store , which consisted of the Smooth Twist Merino yarn in seven different colours , 4.5 mm Knit Pro Symphony interchangeable needles, a 60 mm cable and the pattern.

It was a very easy and enjoyable knit.With just Gartar rows , it fitted in nicely with all the  T.V watching  sessions and got done in no time at all! The colour changes kept it interesting through out.

This was my first time working with interchangeable needles .I’ve always been nervous working with them as I feared the screws would come undone as I’m working on  my project.No such thing happened, during the making of this blanket. The screws did loosen up a little , which is my fault for not knowing how to put them in properly in the first place and the yarn snagged on the joins once in a while.Other than that, I did not have any big trouble working with them . I positively have gotten over my fear of the said needles but I do prefer working with fixed circulars .

The Smooth Twist Merino is so nice ,springy and soft with a beautiful stitch definition.

Did you notice the change in the header? What do you think? That is the logo I use for my shop. I wanted a uniform logo . Big B helped me change the image I drew into a png image , but I still do not know how to alter it using photoshop. It is a work in progress.

Speaking of Work in Progress, my Northern Lights yarn is working up beautifully

on my Chiaogoo  needles for the Atwood Shawl KAL.

The Chiaogoo  Lace  Circular needles may have replaced the Addi Circulars as my new favourite needles to work with.

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