Atwood Shawl

The Atwood Shawl is now finished. I mentioned this Knit Along in the passing before  but did not give anymore details.

Nicole of Hue Loco  hosted  the Knit Along for the Atwood Shawl she designed and I jumped right in. One of those delightful patterns even a beginner like me can make without much hair tearing.

I only noticed that I made a big mistake of skipping the garter rows in-between the eyelet rows, but you will not know unless I mention it and also the beautiful yarn kind of makes up for it don’t you think? I used the rest of the yarn to crochet a picot edge.

I learnt to slip the beginning knit stitch purl wise without knitting it at the start of the row , when I made the baby blanket. I used the same method to create a neat edge for this shawl too. I made the smaller size.

Projects Details:

 Yarn : 8ply  Northern Lights by Meraki Studio NZ.

Needles: 4.5 mm Chia goo Lace knitting circular needles

Pattern :Atwood Shawl

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