Shawl of slow progress

You might have seen this yarn on my Instagram feed , if you follow me there. It’s hand spun fingering and that is why progress is slow.


spinning and hand spun yarn have fascinated me a lot lately.

The story how I got this yarn is interesting.

I was at Tannery one Saturday hoping to get my hands on some hand spun yarn when I saw this yarn hanging on the rack . I wanted to get it, but before that ,I decided to take a walk around the store as there were some beautiful handmade creations too.

As my back was turned, another lady walked in and reached out for this yarn! I was hoping she would put it down , she didn’t . So I decided to look at other yarns .Nothing spoke out to me as this one did.

 Just as I decided to leave ,this lady put it down and asked the lady at the till if she could help her pick out larger quantity of yarn .

I gathered up the courage to ask her if she wanted this yarn she’d put down.She replied in the negative and said I could have it if I wanted.

When I wasn’t sure about getting something she ‘d wanted .she insisted I have it and said she’d changed her mind!

So the yarn came home with me.

It’s 50% halfbred and 50%silk. It has beautiful shades of lavender, teal, yellow, pink and greyish blue.

This is also the first time I’m working with

fingering weight yarn. The fabric is light. The pattern is the Atwood shawl and I’m excited it’s nearing Finish.

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