Kawa Cafe 

Saturday was a gorgeous sunshiny day minus the cold almost winter breeze. 

It was Big B’s last day of work experience course at Kawa Cafe. We decided to check out the place after hearing him speak non stop about the food and coffee there.

Kawa Cafe is a nice little local cafe with neat parking spaces.

All of the fresh produce they use at the cafe is organically cultivated right there on site.

It has beautiful seating arrangement on the outside  with children’s play area nearby. There is also indoor option for people who like that option.

We opted to sit inside

The mocha coffee I ordered was good . Rich  and creamy just the way I liked it. On a side note,Mocha and hot chocolate is always served with Marshmellows or chocolate covered Marshmellows in NZ.

J liked his Danish pastry. I took a bite and liked it as well as it was not overly sweet . the whole blackberries on top of the jam,was a nice addition.

While the salad was a nice size and was quite good, fresh with the subtle taste of the dressing coming through ,I’m not much of a salad person so I happily passed it on to J

 I regretted not ordering a burger or something else but I was full and didnot want to eat anything else after helping Lil B finish his wedges

The wedges were crisp and yummy on the outside and soft inside. The sour cream was so yum and fresh.

This was our first time here and it will definetly not be the last  .

Tucked away into a quiet spot off Halswell  area, leading to the country side, it could serve as our little getaway spot from the hustle and bustle for lazy weekend brunch.


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