Beating the Winter Blues

June marks the start of Winter. As much I would like the sun to come out and shine gloriously every single day , let’s accept the fact that it’s going to get dull, dark and dreary.Sometimes a rainy  freezing cold  day makes it all the more dreadful. Yup Winter is definetly here and it’s not my favourite season .

I try my best to keep myself cheerful as the days gets darker and shorter .Its the lack of light that makes winter a sad season for me.

So here are a few things I do to cozy up my home in Winter . I share it here hoping it will help others too.

  1. Bringing greenery inside.I have plants and terrariums in little corners around the house . Having plants around the house all year round is surely refreshing . However during Winter when the trees are bare and skeletal, seeing greenery around the house cheers up the heart.
  2. Adding Colour around the house surely makes me smile.
  3. Cooking something yummy. I try out budget friendly new recipes . Bake a cake and ice it , even it is only out of a box. Apart from just warming up the house, it also makes the house smell yummy while serving as a treat
  4. Knit/ crochet something warm for yourself  . I usually grab some deliciously soft yarn from my stash or treat myself to some scrumptious soft yarn if I feel the need and make something mindless and useful for me to use during winter. For me it’s yarn that floats my boat , for you it could be something else like painting, quilting , colouring in etc. Basically what I’m trying to say is do more of whatever makes your soul sing. 
  5. Keep calm and drink tea . If asked to choose between coffee and Tea , I would always choose Tea . More specifically  Indian chai . I start my day with a well made cup of strong Indian Chai. As the light starts dwindling and the day seems depressing, I start craving for full bodied cup of ginger tea . The indulgence never fails to lift my spirits. 
  6. Other things I sometimes do is listen to music with peppy beats, burn light yummy smelling candles around the house along with some fairy lights .

So what do you do to beat the Winter blues?

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