Midwinter Woolfeast at Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre 2016

Hello friends

The much awaited Midwinter woolfeast 2016 in Christchurch happened this Saturday .It indeed was a  yarn junkies  feast!

The day started with gorgeous weather.Always a good sign. Big B agreed to take pictures for me at the festival, another good sign to have a helpful teen by your side.

Two yarny Sheep welcomed visitors to the Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre at the door.PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Inside was this poster welcoming the visitorswoolfeast

into a hall filled with  yarn in every kind of fibre and colour ready for purchase; stitch markers, project bags, knitting supplies, books etc galore, it was a fibre enthusiast’s dream come true. PicMonkey Collage1The entire hall was buzzing with knitters, spinners, felters, united in their crazy love for colour ,fibre  and yarny goodness. So many people! The  energy and vibe around the venue was  just AMAZING! PicMonkey Collage2A treat to the senses to enjoy with people who just  get it _the fascination for all things fibre and yarn. I must admit it was like a yarny heaven .To have so many passionate creative artists  under one roof! PicMonkey Collage3

I met some lovely ladies I knew from the Christchurch Guild of weavers and Spinners.DSC_0181 (1)

I caught up with my friend there , who is a very active member of the guild.It was just wonderful! I hadn’t seen her for a while. And it was lovely catching up.DSC_0186PicMonkey Collage4The adjacent hall space was allocated for knitters / crocheters to sit and knit, eat cake or taste some craft beer.There were a few vendors there as well. So well organised . PicMonkey Collage5The knitters from the local knit group were there too. They are all lovely ladies. I did know a few faces there who were so welcoming , still my social awkwardness got the better of me and I left earlier than I planned. Nevertheless, I did much better than I did at Unwind in  Dunedin .

I was also on strict yarn budget and so I only got yarn from Dark Harbour Yarns like I planned initially.Let me tell you, those yarns seriously make  my heart flutter !


I had a little chat with Nikki Jones the artist behind these gorgeous yarns . She told me  that being a knitter herself,she is very particular about the colours she wants in her projects .And so she dyes them until she gets the colours she is satisfied with .


She showed me a skein of Copper yarn she had dyed  , for which she had dyed several shades of copper coloured yarn before she arrived at the one she was happy with . She also showed me the other copper colour ways and they were just as beautiful!

It was really interesting to have a little insight into how these amazing colorways are created.DSC_0220Anyhoo, it was such a spectacular event and I can’t wait for next year. Hoping that by then ,the said awkwardness would have gone and loads of spending money would have accumulated 😉

Until later

Much Love



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