Bye Bye June

frostyHi Everyone

Having to drive two very sleepy boys bundled in their winter uniform, breaths misting in front of their pale pink noses  on  misty  cold mornings ,with brooding grey clouds  threatening to burst into  prickly  cold showers any minute  in the background , to school is no easy task . They have rallied quite well  though considering J’s unusual work hours. Plus we did have  sunshiney  middays so I’m not complaining.

One more week into July ,school will close for Winter break and J ‘s hours will be back to routine I hope.

June was a productive month for me

baby 2

I finished the Test Knit Baby blanket I did for The Woven.I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I love the Organic Merino  .Its going to be my go to yarn for baby knits in future. Babies deserve nothing but the 2

The Keffiyah Cowl is another  Organic Merino yarn as well. It was a well received pattern  and it makes me very happy.


Did you notice how both my June Finished objects are the same colourway? It was completely unintentional. The yarn for the baby knit was sent to me and the yarn for the cowl I had purchased even before from here, I entered into the test knit.


This poncho might have been off  the needles by now . The rolling over edges had me trying different  crochet borders .It didnot work as well as I thought they would and so I’ve settled for a knit one purl one rib border. I can’t wait to cast it off .

The yarn is Nunnaba artisan yarn in the luxuriously soft Gum Wool base. The single gradient and the semi solid of the Tiramisu from the Something Sweet     Collection were not enough for the length I wanted and I used Ranunculus from the   Heirloom Collection. I would have liked one gradient and semi solid of Tiramisu more for this poncho.

With this, I ‘ve been mulling over the idea of  planning before I buy yarn – the base , the colours and the items I make with them so that they will all go well with my wardrobe. I’m thinking sophisticated neutrals in beautiful merino/ silk base but I also often get sidetracked by my inner gypsy  with her love for colour as well .Honestly I can’t make up my mind and so I’ve decided to  embrace both the dignified and subdued as well as the wild and free ?

The thing  is , as I’m working on this Japanese Flower shawl ,

shawl jap.jpgI find myself working out what  colours , neutral and otherwise from my stash, would work  for this shawl .I love how soft and silky this Merino/possum/silk blend yarn feels but  I’m not entirely loving how this  colourway works up in the pattern. The yarn is a souvenir I picked up in Arrowtown when we went there last Autumn and this colourway is a reminder of those gorgeous fall colours.So I’m holding on to it.

Thanks for visiting my blog and the likes .

Until later

Much Love


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