Few of my Favourites- July

I just wanted to share  some of  my favourite things that have been bringing  in a ray of sunshine in my daily life. Some crafty, yarn related and some just general things.

The first thing that I have been absolutely smitten with is embroidery

I designed my own pattern .It has been  a delight  trying to  decide the colours and seeing the idea in my head transfer onto the embroidery hoop.I’m so excited about it and can’t wait to finish.

This thrift store find is perfect for keeping  my money plant in the bathroom. I love having greenery around the home.

Moving on to my new purchases that I got this month and absolutely loving it.

The first one is a personal planner that I got from Kiki . k sale! Remember I went shopping in the mall when Lil B was watching a movie with his friend?. Well this is what I got then.

I love writing out lists, and keeping track of what I’m up to , what I’m making ,cooking,menu planning etc . And I’ve loved Kiki . K ever since I  discovered it right after we came to New Zealand.

The reason I got this planner  almost in the middle of the year is because, it is a 6 ring binder, with plastic  pockets at the back

and then has a perpetual calendar with to do pages, tabs etc and all of it can be closed with the elastic closure and neatly tucked away in my handbag. Oh and the stickers always are a weakness. I’m absolutely loving it.

Ever since I came to NZ, I stopped using Body Shop products and decided to try out Lush and other natural body washes, forgetting how sensitive my skin was. Needless to say, I learnt a hard lesson to stick with what I ‘m used to .So  I went back to what i was familiar with -Body shop- again beginning of this month. I loved the scent of these products when I picked them up but after using them all month, I’m loving the products some more

The satsuma shower gel is soap free and does not dry my skin at all.  I love the delicious citrusy scent which also takes over the entire bathroom area long after I have finished showering.It is Amazing!

Another product I fell in love is this Shea Eau De Toilette. As I was browsing the products in the store, the lovely store lady suggested I try Shea shower gel when I told her I was looking for a mild scent. I honestly did not like the  hint of Vanilla in the Shea shower gel but when I just tried the Eau de Toilette, I fell in love with the light , subtle scent right away

It is my favourite everyday scent now and I have already heard the “oh you smell so good momma” from my generally perfume loving boys! I  also find the scent very calming although it does not linger on all the day but I’m totally ok with that.

In Winter , my hands get really dry and this hand cream has been something I reach for constantly to moisturise.I love that it leaves my hand very soft with a lingering  fresh rose scent


I am a totally and utterly in love with  yarn . Although I have been constantly keeping a watch on my yarn purchases recently,  I allowed myself this one indulgence because I was saving up for this yarn.

When I went to Woolfeast, I went looking particularly for this colour way but by the time we went there, it was sold out. Nikki Jones the artist behind the Dark Harbour Yarns,took my email and promised to let me know when she dyed the Budgie Smuggler next. So when I got the email, i jumped at the chance.The merino/silk base is my favourite base and this colour way is just so stunning!

Those are some of the favourite things  in July. I hope you enjoyed this post.

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