Chat over Chai # 5

Hello lovely people

If you are still here with me on this blog, let me start by saying a heartfelt thank you for staying with me through these long months of silence here.

I know its March ,its not that I wasn’t doing anything behind the scenes, its just that I had too much on my plate that I did not know how to manage my time properly. Hence this very late Happy New Year wish, but I firmly believe in the adage , better late than never. So …. A very belated Happy New Year to you all . I do hope this year has been good for you all so far.

For me through the general ups and down of lockdowns , over all it has been good.

My brother and family came to visit our family around the time of my birthday. We had good food, had so much fun driving in and around Christchurch

My dad turned 75 years old this year. Even though we would have all loved to be in India celebrating his milestone birthday, we did a zoom celebration in keeping with these times.

Jacob and I celebrated our 24 th wedding Anniversary.We treated ourselves to a lovely brunch at one of our absolute favourite places the Strawberry Fare

And then to finally to round off the year beginning special occasion celebrations, we also celebrated Jacob’s birthday the end of February.

In other news, I have been posting vlogs on my you tube channel. I’m so excited to see it grow.

I did a few markets here and there and it has been a wonderful learning experience.Every time some one appreciates the bags or buys one from the stall, it is like a breath of fresh cool breeze gently caressing the soul.I’m so grateful to be a maker . I truly cannot express the satisfaction in words , when the image in my head translates to something I can hold in my hands, through the work of my hand.

Making wise I am still sewing bags and also knitting on my pearl sweater. Its all very exciting.

We had some glorious summer days .

I was really pleased with all the flowers we had this summer in our garden. We still have a lot of work to do in our garden to make it look we way we want it to look, but we are slowly working towards.

The early mornings and late evenings have turned a tad crisp , the birds seem to be flying north , all sure signs that summer is slowly giving way to Autumn to come and paint the town with its magical shades of orange, rust and golden. I am learning to embrace all the seasons and enjoy the beauty that each season has to offer.

That is all the life update I had to share with you all , I cannot be sure if I will be regular here once more but I am definitely going to try.

Until next time dear friends, take care and keep safe

lots of love


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