Maker’s Journal : Granny Square Cushion Cover

To say I’m a bit behind with my making journal posts here on my blog, would be an understatement! If it seems like I’m constantly playing catch up, it is because I indeed am.

It hasn’t been easy these past few months.Given all the circumstances I’m doing well. Thanks to my faith, and to my dear friends.

My Granny Square Cushion cover was completed back in January . My plan was to create a project to inspire the people who come to learn crochet basics with me at Outlaw HQ ; to showcase the million possibilities that the humble granny square presents itself to.

Granny Square Cushion Cover

I just used my trusted granny square pattern and almost all the colours of Bandit Dk available to me . The pattern was taken off a finished cushion cover picture I had fleetingly seen on Pinterest.

This is an excellent project to take along anywhere you go. A 4 mm crochet hook and a ball of yarn in your favourite project bag ( ahem ) , and you are all set to go.(I carry around all my yarn and supplies in a cane basket from the Solomon Islands that a friend gifted me )

The modular squares are my favourite because it is mindless .The appeal of instant gratification as the rainbow pile grows taller is too hard to resist.Then I seamed them all together to fit the size of the cushion insert I had on hand.

As I finished seaming up the last little square, the bright idea to make two different versions on the each side of the cushion struck me . Hence I decided to go with one giant square for the other side.

I still have many squares in my little basket. While I haven’t decided what I want make next with them, I find immense joy, making just one little square at a time.

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