In the Making ….#3

After a couple of days non stop rain and a couple earthquakes for good measure, I ‘m sitting in my lounge happy about the sunshine -y day drinking tea and nursing a sore throat.

Today I pulled out two projects I have been meaning to work on for a while. The first one is the stripes sock that I was working on sometime back .I knitted a few rows until I reached the heel flap on both the socks and then put it down, to work on the baby quilt.

I ‘ve been making this baby quilt for a long long time. I m not a very experienced quilter by any means. A few baby quilts , one single bed quilt and double bed quilt top later , I have now discovered that a lap size/ large baby quilt size is what I enjoy the most. Although it might be big for a new baby, the finished large baby quilt can be used through the toddler years too.

In my head, putting a quilt together is a like putting together a puzzle.. I love how the quilt comes together piece by piece ; first gathering fabrics, deciding on the pattern , cutting the fabric and then putting them together.This is a self drafted pattern, I’m pleased that math for the blocks actually came together!

I ‘m nearly done with the quilt top now.

Feeling very productive, Im back to reorganising my craft room now. Oh! and now that I have added one more craft to the mix, I have make space for the new supplies too – if you haven’t watched my latest vlog and haven’t got a clue to what I’m talking about -here’s the synopsis : I went to a Stitcher’s weekend and came away with my fingers itching to start stitching ( don’t think I didn’t see that eye roll! )

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