Maker’s Journal : Socks

Winter has made its grand entrance here in Christchurch.After a miserable few grey days and the sun being a no show, we are back to enjoying some beautiful sunshine y days.

I’ve been one of those people who have always disliked the winter cold.

2021, Im noticing a distinct change in that attitude in me . Whether its due to the fact that I have a warm home , a warm car and a warm work place or if the temperature has not dipped down enough for me to be cranky about the weather…. I do not know. I do however suspect, that the fact I can knit all the things I need to keep myself warm and cozy , and wear them too during the cold dreary days, plays a major part in me growing to appreciate this season too.

I never got to wear the first pair of socks I made. So I decided to make a second pair. Well , this pair has been swiped as well! (Honestly Im happy that there is such ‘high demand’ for my hand knit socks in my home.Jacob’s concern why he has never been considered for a pair socks will have to be remedied soon too.)

Funnily enough I never wore these pair also even once and so couldn’t understand the appeal of these lovely things. The other day, my feet were really cold inside my shoe in spite of wearing store bought merino socks, so I decided to try these on . The light bulb went on . I have heard people talk about the glorious feel of hand knit socks and all that , now I get it.

The yarn is Patons Kroy which my mom got for me a very long time back when she visited the US. I still love using the 3 mm knit pro zing dpns.( double pointed needles). The Pattern is same basic sock pattern I got when I went to the sock knitting workshop.

Project Details :

Pattern : Basic Sock Pattern

Yarn : Patons Kroy ( Camel)

Needles : 3.00 Knit Pro Zing Double Pointed Needles

Project Notes :

I did not make any modification to the Original pattern that was given to me.

I love the feel of this yarn and how warm it feels on my feet. So pleased with how they fit too

I had finished this socks with just the kitchner stitch to be done for the toes, which is when my friend Carmin came to visit me and finished it for me.

So now Steve refuses to acknowledge that this pair was hand knit by me but co knit with Carmin.

I have now found a lot of video tutorials with tips and tricks how to make the basic vanilla socks better.I do want to try them in future.

I recently discovered Susan B Anderson’s basic socks pattern after I heard a few people raving about it on instagram. I want give it a go as well. Oh i also want to try my hand at knitting socks with DK yarn. Didn’t know about it either until very recently.

I love knitting socks and my dream is to have a drawer full of hand knit socks to wear for winter.Now, I’m a slow knitter with several projects on the go. It may take a while before that goal is accomplished still its good to have a goal , no?

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