Hoop Embroidery

Hi lovely friends

At long last I’m back here to document my making.It might have seemed like I had abandoned this space. Honestly I had lost all motivation to blog.

The reason being, back in April, my beautiful aunty with whom I was very close with, passed away . It is still hard to believe that she is no more with us. While the days seemed harder to pass, the months have certainly flown past!

A few days back I was showing a customer at the shop I work at , the Rafa hat I made Jacob, I realised that it was indeed good to have my projects documented for future reference. I also found myself going back to check on other projects to know the timeline when I had made them.

I have been crafting a lot but didnot post them here.

Sometimes posting on Instagram or showing my finished objects on my You Tube channel , make me forget to post them here on the blog.

Embroidery has always been a much loved craft for me. When the store brought in new Sue Spargo threads to sell, I wanted to try them .

This is an old embroidery design that I designed and sold before. I had since lost the pattern and had to redraw it again . I substituted the DMC threads I initially used with the Sue Spargo threads on simple calico fabric.I enjoyed stitching this different version so much .

After I finished the Kia Kaha embroidery , I was motivated to draw another design that I had been contemplating for a while, this is another favourite Moari phrase, Aroha Nui

I used Sue Spargo threads also for this project.The variegated threads worked beautifully for the woven wheel roses.The fabric I used for this piece is a 32 Count Belfast Linen in Antique Rose colour. I just picked out a few colours off the rack and used them as I saw fit with the pattern , much like colouring in a colouring book.

Both these pieces are on display at Outlaw Yarn.The Kia Kaha as a shop sample for the embroidery threads and the Aroha Nui in the Community space.

One day, I hope to have these patterns as free downloads on this blog.

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