Strip Quilt is now finished

Whoohoo, I did it! By ‘it ‘, I mean my Strip Quilt . It only took five years to finish this quilt!

This is a fairly simple quilt .I made using jelly rolls or 2.5 inches strips from Camille and Bonnie Jelly roll . I think the line is called Vintage Picnic .

I first sewed all the strips together and was quite intimidated by the process of quilting it. So I kept putting it off.

Then one of my knit group ladies told me of a local long arm quilter and so I decided that I will give it to her to have it quilted. I chose a floral pattern to go with the flowers in the quilt . I was pleased with how it came out.

After that, I squared the quilt (kind of) and then sewed the bias binding .

For making the bias binding, I used the fabric from the same line I had . After attaching it to the quilt with my machine, which did not take very long , I then hand sewed it down with mitred corners at the back .

The only thing I regret in this project is that I miscalculated the width of the bias binding, it would have been a neater finish if I had made the bias binding 2 1/2 inches wide. It is a good lesson I learnt in this project and keep in mind for future projects.

The backing of this quilt is a Alexander Peter flannelette fabric which the long arm quilter suggested I use ,as it will warm up the body quicker.

It was such a thrill to finish my first big quilt.It is a single bed size. I didnot think about a name for the quilt and also didnot make a label for it.

After finishing the quilt I really struggled with taking pictures of it. Couldn’t think of how to take the full length of the quilt .

On our way to deliver the quilt to my friend for whom I made the quilt,as I was telling Jacob how I couldn’t get proper pictures of the full quilt,He offered to take some pictures for me.

We then stopped at a nice side road and took some pictures. I completely forgot to get the picture of the backing of the quilt.

I plan to make both my boys one quilt each at some point too . Now that I have finished one big quilt and have a method figured out to finish it. They may not take as long as this one to finish .

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